About: Our Model

Nashville Prep’s true north is college preparation. Everything we do is in service of our mission: to prepare each student for college.

Every class is named after a college, because all of our students are headed for college. Our students have a longer school day (7:50am to 4:30pm), a longer year (183 instructional days) and over two hours of literacy and over two hours of math instruction every day. Students receive targeted tutoring and academic support throughout the week. Our students also have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities, which include chess, gardening, drama, dance, basketball and journalism.

We believe that creativity flourishes within a structured environment.  Good work cannot occur unless there is a safe and orderly environment in and out of the classroom.  That’s why we maintain a heavy emphasis on character education and discipline, ensuring that our students embody our school-wide values and follow our strict code of conduct. 

We recruit champion teachers to train champion students.

We know that without great teachers, nothing else matters.  Teachers must have the time and professional tools and resources to do their jobs effectively.  Our teachers are the most talented and dedicated ever assembled in a founding school – recruited from all across the country to teach at Nashville Prep.  We had over 800 applicants for the ten positions on our founding staff and every single teacher we gave an offer to accepted their position.

Key Features:

  • A college preparatory mission
  • High standards for academics and character
  • A shared focus on accountability and data-driven instruction
  • Rigorous standards-based curriculum
  • Highly structured learning environments
  • Longer school years and longer school days
  • A faculty of committed and talented teachers

Our Vision:

Nashville Prep is a school where every child:

  • Works hard in academically rigorous courses that prepare them for success in college and the responsibilities of citizenship.
  • Masters basic and advanced academic skills in reading, writing, math, history, and science.
  • Achieves high behavioral standards that lead to respectful character and leadership.
  • Receives substantial one-on-one academic supports in their areas of greatest need.
  • Learns from dedicated teachers in a safe, clean, and highly structured environment.
  • Will succeed on standardized tests including the SAT, AP, and TCAP.
  • Attends school from 7:50am-4:30pm for an extended school year
  • Participates in enrichment, which includes chess, drama, journalism, dance, basketball and band. 
  • Enters, succeeds in, and graduates from an excellent college of their choice.
aren´t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them—a desire, a dream, a vision.
— Muhammad Ali