Our Staff

Anthony Fowler
Arlyn Ilgenfritz
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Christina McDonald
Assistant Principal for Culture and Arts
Greg Schermbeck
Director of Innovation and Science Department Chair
Dana McGarty
Director of External Affairs
Catherine Olson
Operations Associate
Jenny Tabor
Literacy Coordinator
Ashley Smith
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Eric Austin
Student Supports Teacher
Kira Walmer
5th Grade Writing Teacher and Writing Department Chair
Allison Deissler
5th Grade Math Teacher
Christina Iatridis
5th Grade Reading Teacher
Stephanie Kahn
5th Grade Math Teacher
Hannah Kamau
5th Grade Teacher
Anne Smith
5th Grade Science Teacher
Rachel Klein
6th Grade Science Teacher
Hayley Morton
Student Supports Teacher
Kayla Lindsey
6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Liz Mullins
6th Grade Math Teacher and Math Department Chair
Christine Rua
6th Grade Reading Teacher
Stephanie Shultz
6th Grade Writing Teacher
Cari Turner
6th Grade Math Teacher
Rick Zadd
6th Grade Math Teacher
Adnan Pirzada
7th Grade Science Teacher
Mara Truslow
7th Grade Writing Teacher
Casey Ward
7th Grade Reading Teacher
Brooke Yoder
7th Grade Writing Tutor



Board of Directors

Nashville Prep is governed by the RePublic Schools, Nashville Board of Directors. For more information, please visit the RePublic Schools website at