Nashville Prep has been the highest performing charter school in Tennessee for the past two years, according to Stanford University.  Read more here. 

Download our 2013 Annual Report (pdf). Our Scholars exceeded expectations and continue to show what's possible in public education.

Our scholars had the highest growth in 5th Grade Reading, Science and Social Studies in the state of Tennessee.
Our scholars scored the highest of all open enrollment public schools in the city on the 6th grade TCAP in all subjects.  
Our 6th grade scholars exceeded the performance of Williamson County (highest performing county in the state) in Math, Science and Social Studies

TCAP Achievement data for 2013

Percentage proficient and advanced in Grade 6 for 2012-2013

Math results
Reading/Language Arts results
Science results
Social Studies results

Percentage proficient and advanced in Grade 5 for 2012-2013


 Growth Performance

Our 5th grade scholars achieved the highest growth in the state on the Reading, Science and Social Studies TCAP exams.  In recognition of this growth, Nashville Prep was named a Reward School by the Tennessee Department of Education, indicating that our overall growth was in the highest five percent of all public schools in the state.  We've included some helpful graphs from the state below.  The x-axis indicated "growth index" which is a measure of student growth (read more about that measure here) and the y-axis includes the percentage of scholars achieving an advanced or proficient score on the TCAP.  Each of the dots is a different public school in the state (this includes magnets).